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Immersive Coding Crash Course
Learning to program, with no previous background, takes some time and practice before things start to become clear. This video briefly covers all of the fundamental concept that you will find in any form of programming.
[0] Intro To Fundamental Software Development Course
In this course we will be diving in to the fundamentals of software development by using web technologies. This page will give you an idea of what we will, and will not, be learning in this course.
[1] Setting Up Your Environment
Here you can find all the links to the tools and instructions we need for this course.
[2] Variables and Functions
We will start learning the programming concepts of variables and functions, using ... math. Don’t worry, no need to be a mathematician!
[3] Scope and More Fun With Variables
In the last section we briefly touched on the concept of scope and dive deeper into advanced syntax of variables .
[4] What is data?
Every language has different ways of differentiating data. In JavaScript we break it down like such.
[5] Numbers and Math in JavaScript
They are just numbers!One of the basic data types in JavaScript is Number. The reason you would want to work with the data type of numbers obviously to perform mathematical operations. All data types have a different purpose and a different way to create variables of said types. In
[6] Strings in JavaScript - Words!
Most programming languages have built in features to work with text as data fairly naturally. JavaScript if one of those many languages that lets us work with text naturally.